Rules and Commands


  • !cfs: Suicide.
  • !drop: Drop your slot item.
  • !rank: Show your current rank in the server.
  • !nextrank: Show the list of the players near your rank.
  • !top: Show the top 10 of players rank.
  • !colors: Show the points you need for get a each color.
  • !thp: Show the tank hp.
  • !checkbot: Find a bot if is available.
  • !nick: Change to nick skin.
  • !rochelle: Change to rochelle skin.
  • !ellis: Change to ellis skin.
  • !coach: Change to coach skin.
  • !bill: Change to bill skin.
  • !zoey: Change to zoey skin.
  • !francis: Change to francis skin.
  • !louis: Change to louis skin.

Colors and Boxes


Skin colors depend on score points.

  • Green: 1000 points
  • Yellow: 8000 points
  • Blue: 18000 points
  • Cyan: 38000 points
  • DarkGreen: 78000 points
  • Purple: 158000 points
  • Pink: 318000 points
  • Red: 638000 points
  • Orange: 1278000 points


  • Meteorbox: Meteor for 10 seconds.
  • Firebox: Create Fire.
  • Explosionbox: Create a explosion.
  • Boombox: Create a litle explosion.
  • Barrelbox: Explosive barrels for 10 seconds.
  • Vomitbox: Vomit near players
  • Freezebox: Freeze near players.
  • Medbox: Spawn medikits, defibrillators, pills or adrenalines
  • Healbox: Heal players life to 100%
  • Panicbox: Create a panic event.
  • Witchbox: Spawn 10 witches in random positions.
  • Bridebox: Spawn 10 bride witches in your position.
  • Tankbox: Spawn a tank.
  • Realismbox: Survivors glow desactivated.
  • Multiplebox: Spawn 10 boxes.
  • Bonusbox: Extra drops and points for killing bosses.
  • Failbox: No drops for all round.
  • Lifebox: Up the life player to 200 hp.
  • Cloudbox: Spawn a cloud, that hurt players 8 hp per second.
  • Humantankbox: Random survivor become a Tank.
  • Luckybox: Give to survivor awp and knife.
  • Weaponbox: Give to survivor spas and machete.
  • Tinybox: Change the size of infecteds to tiny.
  • Gianbox: Change the size of infecteds to gigan.
  • Stunbox: Charge to everybody.
  • Thunderbox: Throw a thunder to every play , it hurts the players for 10hp.
  • Acidbox: Create a spit acid.