How Works

In the Versus Server, the ranking of the players is based on the points of each one.If you get more points, you will get a better position in the ranking.

When you achieve a certain amount of points, get a special color for your character in the game.The colors are:

  • Green: 1000 points.
  • Yellow: 8000 points.
  • Blue: 18000 points.
  • Cyan: 38000 points.
  • DarkGreen: 78000 points.
  • Purple: 158000 points.
  • Pink: 318000 points.
  • Red: 638000 points.
  • Orange: 1278000 points.


In the Versus Server of LegionZ, the rules are:

  • No mic spam cause you can disturb to others players.
  • No disrespect others players.
  • No use pornographic and /or racist sprays.
  • No use hacks like : aimbot, wallhack,etc.
  • No promote others servers.

How i can get points

In the Versus Server, you can get points in the following ways:

  • Helping incapacite players.
  • Killing special infected.
  • Collecting the gifts that the infected leave when they die.
  • Hurting survivors.
  • Killing survivors.
  • Opening the box called Pointbox.


In the Versus Server of LegionZ, the commands are:

  • !drop: Drop the current weapon.
  • !rank: Show your rank in the server.
  • !nextrank: Show the rank of the players near you.
  • !top: Show the top 10 of players.
  • !colors: Show the points to obtain each color.
  • !thp: Show the tank HP.
  • !tp: Change to third person perspective.
  • !csm: Show Character Menu.
  • !topPlaytimeWeek: Show the top 20 rank of the Most Active Players of the Week.
  • !nick: Change character to louis.
  • !rochelle: Change character to rochelle.
  • !ellis: Change character to ellis.
  • !coach: Change character to coach.
  • !bill: Change character to bill.
  • !zoey: Change character to zoey.
  • !francis: Change character to francis.
  • !louis: Change character to louis.